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Allium Schubertii -MASTER-

Allium Schubertii -MASTER-

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Allium Schubertii is an ornamental onion with curled, green leaves towards the base, on the top of the stem a loose umbel of approximately 20-30cm in diameter with multitudes of varyingly-clustered rose-purple flowers, some towards the centre of the umbel, other florets reaching out on tendrils or pedicels, exploding into space.

Tumbleweed or firework, Allium Schubertii is a distinctive bloom with many petite florets in a large-sized flowerhead. Distinctive umbels will be a delight for gardeners and attract pollinators like birds, bees and butterflies to the garden area. Plant in groups or use these exotic blooms in garden flower areas. Great for planting in beds or in borders or in pots or containers and very unique as a cut flower

Genus Allium includes a variety of cultivars which are both useful and beautiful, some of the well-known cultivars includes leeks and onions. Cultivars of the beautiful flowering varieties of Allium are commonly called ornamental onions. Allium plants are perennial geophytes with bulbs. Stalks or scapes, are long, leafless stems which rise from the bulb on which the flowerheads are produced.

Flowerheads of the Allium are often characterised by multitudes of small blooms, some with very petite petals resulting in an almost pompom look. Other blooms are larger in size and have larger petal sizes, and typical flowerheads are spherical or rounded in shape.

Allium are hardy plants and can tolerate cold weather up to zone 4. Sun-loving, Allium prefers to bask in the sun’s rays all day long and can tolerate some shade. Must be planted in the fall prior to freezing so roots are able to initially set before the coming cold.

Hardy growers, Allium is tolerant of most soil types and conditions as long as they are well-drained. Drought-resistant Allium is great for adding splashes of colour to the garden scene. Plant bulbs at depths of 2-4 times the diameter of the bulb, usually in the range of 10-15cm.

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