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Chionodoxa Luciliae Alba -MASTER-

Chionodoxa Luciliae Alba -MASTER-

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Chionodoxa Luciliae Alba has multiple flowerheads, usually 3-4 blooms per stem, with pure white on six-petalled flowers. Towards the base of the plant is narrow, strap-like foliage of dark-green colours.

Magnificent pure whites, Chionodoxa Luciliae Alba is a bright flower for garden spaces and open woodland gardens, rock gardens and fields. One of the earliest blooms, Glory of the Snow will brighten up the springtime and can be forced indoors in pots or containers. Plant this dwarf species at the front of beds or borders for blankets of bright blooms and use in cut flower arrangements.

Chionodoxa are also well-known as Glory of the Snow due to their inclination to bloom in the early spring season and they are some of the earliest blooms. Relatively short, Chionodoxa are a dwarf species that have star or saucer-shaped flowers with coloured blooms of some of the bluest blues, white and rose pinks

Native of the eastern Mediterranean near Greece and Turkey, Chionodoxa are a small group of perennial plant species that have bulbous formations with bulbils or small bulb-like offshoots that are used for propagation. Chionodoxa can be forced to bloom when taken indoors and look wonderful in woodland gardens or in other areas where they are grown as blankets of blooms

Chionodoxa prefer to be planted in full sun to partially sunny areas in well-drained, fertile soils. Most varieties should be planted at depths of around 7-8cm with an approximately equal distance of 7-8 between plants.

After blooming, allow the foliage of the Chionodoxa to die back on its own, this is part of the cycle of storing energy in the bulb for the following season. Chionodoxa are inclined to naturalise areas and left alone with multiple over the years. Great for naturalising, Chionodoxa also do well in pots and containers or at the front of borders or beds where their blooms can be most appreciated.

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