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Indoor Plant Mix (C) - Dieffenbachia, Zamioculca, & Areca Palm

Indoor Plant Mix (C) - Dieffenbachia, Zamioculca, & Areca Palm

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This plant mix consists of three plants:

Zamioculcas zamiifolia is a member of the Araceae (Arum) family. It's an evergreen plant with feathered leaves which grow to a length of 40 to 60cm. The leaves on the thick stems are smooth, shiny and dark green. The plant can flower, but rarely does indoors - the arum-like flowers grow from the base of the plant.

Your Zamiifolia will thrive in a position that benefits from full shade or partial shade, in well-drained loamy or sandy soil. Make sure the top soil is dry to touch between waterings - this plant prefers less frequent care and will tolerate a bit of neglect.

Dieffenbachia Camilla - Camilla is one of the best known Dieffenbachia cultivars, and for good reason - this versatile houseplant will be a joyful addition to any home, and require little maintenance to remain a happy roommate!

Commonly known as the Dumb Cane, which is perhaps a bit mean, the plant showcases eye-catching oval leaves with yellow variegation that blends into a creamy white in the middle.

Your Camilla will thrive in a position that benefits from indirect sun - make sure that it isn't placed somewhere the harsh sun could scorch its leaves. Water when the top layer of soil is dry to touch and take care not to overwater the plant.

Areca Palm Lutescens - The Areca Palm is a fantastic choice for a houseplant that can bring an exotic touch into your home or office. It boasts luscious green foliage that grows atop slender stalks in a feathered pattern, and will brighten up any space that needs a bit of greenery.

Your Bamboo Palm will thrive in a position that benefits from indirect sun, in a well-drained loamy soil. Keep the soil moist to touch in the warmer months, and allow the soil to dry a bit between waterings in autumn and winter.

Please Note: When purchasing plants, please consider that each live item is unique and may therefore differ from the images shown, which are for illustration purposes only. The plant will be supplied in a growers pot. Depending on season, some plants may be pruned back to encourage growth.

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